Using Live Chat in Gyroscope Oct 15, 2017

Gyroscope 12.6 integrates with Zendesk Chat out of the box to ease the support for both developers and end users. Read more

Equifax Breach - A Same Old Story Sep 8, 2017

Apache Struts is blamed for the Equifax breach. The actual cause is far more wide-spread and difficult to prevent. Read more

Meetup Recap - Aug 24, 2017 Aug 25, 2017

At the Aug 24 meetup we discussed some project scoping concepts and built a web crawler. Read more

Putting HiQ vs. LinkedIn in Perspective Aug 16, 2017

The judge believes HiQ's scraping of LinkedIn data is fair practice and in no violation of privacy laws. We do not agree. Read more

Dymo USB Scale Interface Specs Aug 2, 2017

USB postal scales comply to the HID class standards, though the exact implementation differs from vendor to vendor. Dymo specs here... Read more
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