Dymo USB Scale Interface Specs Aug 2, 2017

USB postal scales comply to the HID class standards, though the exact implementation differs from vendor to vendor. Dymo specs here... Read more

Two's Complement and Unsigned Byte Jul 28, 2017

If you are unpacking a binary stream of signed bytes but the language you work with has only unsigned bytes, here's a quick way to convert. Read more

Forensic Analysis: Hacking of a WordPress Site May 17, 2017

The default installation of WordPress can be compromised in 2 simple steps. User names are fully disclosed, passwords can be tried in batches. Read more

Words and Their Meanings May 6, 2017

Words such as efficiency and performance may mean similar things but are not exactly the same. Let's have clear definitions once and for all. Read more

Grid Layout Systems Are Unproductive Mar 14, 2017

Many CSS frameworks use generic column classes to implement grid systems. Although seemingly easy to use, they are just as inflexible as tables. Read more
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