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Solved: PHP7.0 + MySQLi incompatibility Aug 18, 2018

PHP 7.0 and the MySQLi connector simply won't mix on Gyroscope 15.0 and above, unless a built-in patch is enabled. Read more

Enhance App Security with GS Req Key Jun 30, 2018

The GSKey feature in Gyroscope 14 protects access to the application database on a per-record and per-action basis. Read more

Clear, Legible Font without Compromise Apr 27, 2018

Gyroscope 13.7 introduces a hold and peek feature to toggle between pleasant looking and impossible to misread fonts. Read more

Identifing Bottlenecks with Instant Profiling Apr 19, 2018

Slow SQL queries cannot hide any more. Pick a web page that you want to optimize and add two lines of profiling code to catch the slow queries. Read more

Using Live Chat in Gyroscope Oct 15, 2017

Gyroscope 12.6 integrates with Zendesk Chat out of the box to ease the support for both developers and end users. Read more
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